Policies and Procedures

What is your policy on hard liquor being served at our event?

To ensure a peaceful and enjoyable environment for all guests, we kindly request that you refrain from the consumption of hard liquor, excessive drinking, or engaging in loud partying on the property. It's important to align with legal limits for driving and prioritize responsible behavior.

Please be aware that if there is any damage to the Retreat, complaints from neighbors, or involvement of law enforcement due to disruptive behavior, your group will be asked to leave, and refunds will not be provided. Let's work together to maintain a harmonious atmosphere and make your stay a pleasant experience for everyone!

Can we play night games or be rowdy around the campfire?

Absolutely! But remember, after 10:30 pm, it's time to trade your rowdy campfire tales for some peaceful shut-eye. Let's keep the nighttime serenades to a minimum to ensure we're the best neighbors around!

May we bring ATV's & snowmobiles?

Yes, you may! But please, keep them on the roads.

May we drive T-post into the lawn to set up courses or games?

While you are welcome to set up courses or games using lightweight stakes, it's essential to avoid using T-posts...why? T-posts and sprinkler systems don't mix. We appreciate your creativity and engagement in activities, but let's ensure we preserve the integrity of the lawn and its utilities.

What do we do with all our trash from our event?

Ah, the aftermath of a good event - the trash dilemma! Here's the scoop: when it's time to bid adieu to all that event trash, head on over to our dumpster located at the end of the Retreat gymnasium.

A word of wisdom: tie those bags tight to contain any odorous surprises and break down those boxes like a trash Tetris pro.

Thanks for helping us keep it clean, folks!

What are the Safety Rules for Campfires?

It's time for a crash course in campfire safety, brought to you by the guardians of River Canyon Retreat! Here's the playbook:
  1. Fill up the buckets we supply that are kept next to the firepit. Fill with water scooped from the nearby pond. It's your firefighter-in-a-bucket, ready to douse any fiery fiascos.
  2. For those sticky situations, a bowl of soapy and paper towels are your campfire heroes, fighting the s'mores stickiness.
  3. Never abandon ship! Keep an eye on that fire; it's the star of the show, but it needs supervision.
  4. Kids and flames don't mix! Make sure they're at a safe distance, no playing firefighter games!
  5. Do NOT cut off branches from trees to create hot dog or marshmallow sticks. Please stick to the safe roasting utensils, folks!
  6. When it's time to call it a night, douse the fire with water (Remember the firefighter bucket we talked about in #1?) Douse, stir, douse. stir, douse, stir...until there is no steam!
  7. The fire's gone, but the cleanup's just beginning! Be good scouts and leave no trace behind.

With these rules in hand, let the flames be merry and the marshmallows perfectly roasted!

What is one of the most important things that my group should be aware of?

Ahoy, brave souls venturing into the realm of the River Canyon Retreat! Pay heed to the sacred laws of the septic kingdom, where only the noble toilet paper is worthy of the porcelain throne. Feminine products, tampons, and paper towels are the villains threatening the peace of this aquatic sanctuary, and diapers? Well, they're the mischievous jesters leading to chaos!

Beware, for should you defy these sacred laws, you may awaken the dreaded sewer dragon. Its roars, a symphony of unpleasantness, shall echo through the retreat, and a plumber, the valiant knight, will be summoned to quell the turmoil - all at the expense of your merry band.

Spread the word amongst your fellow adventurers, for a harmonious retreat depends on the allegiance to these septic commandments. May your toilet paper be plentiful, and your drains ever flowing freely!

What are our groups responsibilities before leaving River Canyon Retreat?

  1. Wash all dishes, pans, utensils, etc., and return them to their proper place.
  2. Clean BBQ grills using water and a wire scrubber only (NO SOAP).
  3. Clean the oven, fridge, and all surfaces in the kitchen following the posted directions. Place soiled cleaning towels in the laundry basket.
  4. Return all folding chairs and tables to their original place.
  5. Place all dirty bathroom towels in the tub/shower of each bathroom.
  6. Remove pillowcases and sheets, and separate sheets from comforters of used queen beds and queen bunks. Pile them on the floor in each room. Place comforters and pillows on the nearest bed or bunk. Do not remove mattress covers or zipped pillow shams unless soiled.
  7. Sweep and mop all floors in the kitchen and dining room.
  8. Do not leave standing water on any hardwood or laminate floors.
  9. Take out all trash and replace the liners in the kitchen, bedrooms, gym, and outside garbage cans, and place in the dumpster. Make sure to tie every bag.
  10. Return all play equipment (balls, etc.) to the storage room.

These responsibilities ensure that the retreat is left in good condition for the next guests. Thank you for your cooperation!

Remember, folks, leaving the retreat in tip-top shape is like leaving a little gift for the next group of adventurers! It's the golden rule of retreat etiquette: leave it as you found it, or maybe even a smidge better if you're feeling extra generous. Your cooperation is not just appreciated, it's legendary!

Do you have safety rules for using the BBQ?

Yes! Please remember to pull the BBQ away from the Lodge before use!
Ah, the sacred grilling grounds of the Lodge patio! Where culinary legends are born and burgers achieve greatness. But remember, aspiring grill masters, with great BBQ comes great responsibility.
Think of the propane BBQ as your trusty steed on the culinary battlefield - it's there to conquer hunger and slay hunger beasts. But just like any noble steed, it requires care and attention. So, before you bid adieu to your grilling companion, give it a proper scrub-down. After all, no hero wants to return to a greasy grill!
Now, go forth and grill with valor, for the taste buds of destiny await!